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Familiarity, they say, breeds contempt. Repeated exposure to even the most pleasant of phenomena will eventually turn love into hate, the banal into the unbearable. For Thomas Hobbes, however, the objects of our contempt were not that which we despise, but merely “those things we neither desire, nor hate”. To our modern ears, therefore, a more apt reading of the expression may be that ‘familiarity breeds indifference’.

While I was studying at college I began working on a short pamphlet to hopefully highlight to my colleagues that just because society is organised in a particular way at the moment, does not mean that it is the best way for it to continue to be organised in the future. While I never came anywhere near to completed it before I finished my studies, I have been working on it on and off ever since and am now pushing it up to the web in the hope that it may be of use to someone. I do firmly believe that if we want to survive the next century or so, we are going to have to radically rethink the way in which we make our decisions and relate to one another.

To download my ‘Enquiry Concerning Social Organisation’ please use the links here for pdf, mobi and epub versions of the book. Any feedback you have would be most welcome and can be given via the contact page.

This is intended to be a brief introduction on my own views, and I am in the early stages of writing a more in-depth sequel which will also be published on this website when it is completed.

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