Better Web Alliance

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I've just launched a new website hoping to raise awareness of the actions developers can take to make the web a better place.

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Labyrinth Sprint

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I've just launched my pacman and roguelike inspired arcade game Labyrinth Sprint on Kickstarter.

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Building Websites for Beginners

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I have recently started writing a book aiming to provide a gentle introduction to building websites for complete beginners.

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Scale chart of the solar system planets

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I thought it might be interesting to make an image showing a to-scale diagram of the sun and planets. I was anticipating a large image, but was completely unprepared for quite how big it was going to be…

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Carbon and pagespeed in newspaper websites

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With many in the west currently self-isolating due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, internet use is growing rapidly. In light of this strain on the internet, I decided it would be an interesting experiment to analyse the page load performance and carbon generated from viewing a common and seemingly simple form of site – newspaper websites.

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Politics Has Never Worked

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While I was studying at college I began working on a short pamphlet to hopefully highlight to my colleagues that just because society is organised in a particular way at the moment, does not mean that it is the best way for it to continue to be organised in the future. While I never came anywhere near to completing it before I finished my studies, I have been working on it on and off ever since and am now pushing it up to the web in the hope that it may be of use to someone. I do firmly believe that if we want to survive the next century or so, we are going to have to radically rethink the way in which we make our decisions and relate to one another.

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